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Only patients who are attached to the city polyclinic No. 4 can register with the doctor.
To specialized specialists you can enroll only in the direction of the district doctor. Leave a request and be sure your contact phone number. You will be contacted during the working day. Appeals are accepted only during working hours of the polyclinic!

Calling the doctor at home

If you are affiliated with Polyclinic №4 of the city of Atyrau, and the state of health does not allow you to apply for admission to the polyclinic. You can call a doctor at home on our website by filling out a simple form. Please, specify the time only in the period of working hours of the polyclinic! Appeals are accepted only during working hours of the clinic!


Learn all about compulsory social health insurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Welcom to our site!

We are glad to see you here!

The main good of our website is to establish adirect link with the ancient timely delivery of quality medical care as well as informing you need it.

The clinic in the course of its workis obliget tj monitor the health

Of monitor the health

Of each patient and aware of aii his problems.

This is our main task!

We think that this site will help us together to remove some of the barriers that prevent a  full match of pressure from our rights approved by law and also on this page you will.

We believe that we will be able to answer all the  questions that arise and you will stay with us for a good opinion!

Yours faithfully the director « of the city  policlinic №4»

Otegalieva Meruert Kuanyshkalievna


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